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Membership Registration - Individual

  1. DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM - You are allowed to download the Registration Form for your grade.  We have Corporate, Associate, Student, Fellow and Company Registration Grades.  Click here to download Registration Form.
  2. FILL REGISTRATION FORM - Fill the two pages of the downoaded Form (Application Form Page 1 and Application Form Page 2).  
  3. SCAN ALL YOUR DOCUMENTS -  After filling the Registration Form, scan the Form, including your WAEC, B.Sc./B.Eng./HND Certificate, Second Degree (Optional), NYSC Certificate, NSE (Optional), COREN (Optional).   
  4. CREATE ACCOUNT AND UPLOAD ALL DOCUMENTS - Create account here and upload all the scanned documents in step 3 above. Locate the upload documents 
  5. MAKE PAYMENT - Click here and make payment.
  6. CHECK REGISTRATION STATUS - Wait for your registration to be processed.  You may visit this web site and log in to your account to check the status of your registration.


Labour House
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Central Business District,
Abuja, Nigeria.

Tel: 234 802 751 1655